Community Guidelines

  1. These are the Community Guidelines for (“FP”). Please read them if you are considering submitting an Abuse Report to
  2. Any person who believes they have been the subject of Abuse, or have discovered an incident of Abuse that violates these Community Guidelines, may submit an Abuse Report to When submitting an Abuse Report, you will be asked to describe the type and nature of the abuse, and provide a link to the objectionable content.
  3. Abuse is defined as:
    • Malicious disclosure of personal information
    • Invasion of privacy
    • Hate speech
    • Violations of law
    • Uploading images of nudity or sexual conduct outside of the NSFW sub-forum
    • Any other expression that could expose FP or the Operator of FP to negative legal consequences
  4. “Malicious disclosure of personal information” means any disclosure of personal information that could be construed as, or could lead to any person becoming the victim of, a cyber-attack on their person, privacy, or property, or the victim of hostility, harassment, or embarrassment in their home, school or place of employment.
  5. “Invasion of privacy” means:

5.1. Uploading a photograph, video, or voice recording of person(s) taken without their knowledge or permission in a non-public place;
5.2. Uploading written materials that were not shared publicly, such as copies of a diary, email, text-message or other written content; and,
5.3. Any other disclosure that, in the consideration of the Operator of FP and/or its legal counsel, is an invasion of privacy.

  1. “Hate speech” is any expression that seeks to incite hatred or animosity toward a person or group of persons because of their ethnicity, race, sex, sexual orientation, linguistic background, or other characteristics.
  2. “Violations of law” are broadly defined to include:

7.1. Incitements to violence;
7.2. Instructions on how to commit criminal acts;
7.3. Instructions on how to avoid the consequences of committing criminal acts;
7.4. Publishing obscenity or other indecent material;
7.5. Disclosure of trade secrets;
7.6. Disclosure of confidential national security information;
7.7. Posting links to websites where illegal acts are encouraged or fomented; and,
7.8. Any other expression that, in the consideration of the Operator of FP and/or its legal counsel, constitutes a violation of law.

  1. Action That Will Be Taken by the Operator of FP
    The Operator of FP will consider the content of the Abuse Complaint, and take any action it deems appropriate. The Operator of FP undertakes no obligation or duty toward the submitter of an Abuse Complaint, either to communicate or justify the decision taken with respect to the Abuse Complaint.
  2. What is Not The Proper Subject of An Abuse Complaint
    FP is an adult forum, and the Operator of FP allows considerable liberty for Users to engage in argument, chaffing, jibes, harmless insults, and aggressive banter. Users should not submit Abuse Reports to obtain redress for insults, unless insults rise to the level of Abuse as defined in paragraphs 3 – 7 above.
  3. Consequences of Submitting False Abuse Complaints
    Any User who submits a false Abuse Report, claiming that a post is in violation of the Community Guidelines when in fact their intention is simply to get someone else’s content removed, may have their User status terminated or be suspended from posting for a specified period of time.